How to prevent losing the edges of your hair

Losing your edge or having thinning hair can be very destroying. You will be happy to Situs Slot Gacor know that there is a way to naturally prevent your edge from thinning or bald.

Traction alopecia

Caused by continuous pressure on the scalp, traction alopecia can be very destroying. Your head may lose the edges and eventually become a scar. This is a very serious condition that can cause permanent baldness. Lost and broken hair is a symptom of popular traction alopecia. Although this may not sound like a big problem for those who don’t have it, it is a big problem for those who suffer from this condition. With this condition, you can start paying attention that you are more often bald in certain areas. If you experience problems preventing traction alopecia, here are some tips so that your hair does not fall out.

Avoid wearing tight braids, pigtails, and other hairstyles that are arranged tightly. This hairstyle gives a lot of pressure on the scalp and can cause pain. Instead, wear your hair loosely and change tight braids with loose hair. Scalp injuries caused by strict braids and high tension hairstyles can cause traction alopecia, so it is important to remember this. Try changing your hairstyle regularly to prevent excessive tension and damage to your scalp. Do not use chemicals or heat in your hair to prevent traction alopecia.



The edges of your hair play a big role in framing your face and creating a cute hairstyle. However, if you shift too much, you risk damaging the brittle baby’s hair and take the risk of permanent hair loss. Here are some tips to protect your hairline and protect you from losing your edges from over-styling.

Apply a good edge reinforcement gel before structuring Leave and cover with a scarf to put your edges even. Another product that helps prevent the edge of the loss is an organic hair gel that contains hair strengthening and nutritious ingredients. When arranging the edges, avoid pulling or pulling your hair and acting very soft with every comb or brush on your edge. After you lose your hair, it takes time to grow back so be very soft when printing your edge.

Carrier oils

Essential oil is a vegetable liquid that is extracted by distillation or evaporation. They contain aromatic properties and have long been used in aromatherapy and homoeopathy. Carrier oils dilute essential oils and provide a greater surface area so that essential oils function. Coconut oil is one of the most popular carrier oils and a natural alternative for medication hair loss treatment. When mixed with a carrier oil, essential oils form strong defences against hair loss.

Carrier oils are an important ingredient in many hair care products, but there are several different types and qualities. They are perfect for the application of natural hair care at home and are naturally rich in moisturizer lipids. Each is suitable for different types of hair and to achieve certain goals. Be sure to read the label of the ingredients carefully before applying new hair products to your hair.

Protective styles

There are several types of protective styles that you can wear to protect your edge. Many women choose wigs, some choose knitted braids and others weave human hair. There are many great textures including curly hair bundle which is a favourite because of their natural appearance.

While the protective styles can be a fantastic way to keep your hair looking fresh, sometimes it can create a lot of edge tension. For this reason, it is important to remember that you must always rest from the protective style to give your edge the opportunity to recover from Situs Judi Slot Online Terpercaya and all stress. In addition to resting from your protective styles, you also have to take care of your hair and moisturize regularly to ensure that you keep your hair in the best condition.

The protective style is ideal for the edge because it helps protect the strands of hair and minimize damage caused by daily brushing and other external factors. However, the protective styles can also weaken the edge if the hair is installed incorrectly with too much tension. For the best results, always make sure that you remove the protective styles correctly after being done to avoid damage and damage. You also have to choose a style that is light enough for you to repeat without having to cut your hair.


There are many causes of thinning hair edges, from genetics to the way we arrange our hair. But there is no one factor that is the same. Genetics is not the only culprit, and hair loss does not always affect the same area. If you think of growing your edge, you must first determine what causes damage. Genetics is the most obvious cause of thinning hair edges. But your hair loss can also be the result of an aggressive style.